Cal North and US Club

Competitive Programs in Tiburon

There are two parent youth organizations in soccer - Cal North and US Club. Currently, the TPSC registers competitive players and teams in one or both, depending on the availability of appropriate peer teams in the particular age groups. The goal is to "flight" our teams into the league with the most appropriate playing level.

Competitive teams travel to games throughout the northern Bay Area counties and several times a season may play in tournaments throughout northern California. All competitive programs provide an exciting experience for those players who show the talent and commitment to go beyond recreational soccer. Each team has a professional coach hired by the club (see bios) and we are proud to say that we have one of the strongest coaching staffs in the area!

Sometimes there are not enough players to form a team in a particular age group. At those times, we often work with the Mill Valley Soccer Club and/or Corte Madera FC to combine players to form a team. At other times when we dont have sufficient players, we will encourage players to tryout with our neighboring clubs in Mill Valley, Corte Madera and Central Marin.