Frequently Asked Questions

Dear TPSC Families:

We hope you have all received the notification that registration for our Competitive Tryouts is now open.  The Tryout Schedule is available on-line.  Tryouts will start on Monday, May 10th and end on Sunday, May 16th. Each age group is scheduled for 2-3 tryouts. 

We have heard from a handful families already regarding  the tryout process since things are dramatically different this spring.  Since, we are returning to a more ‘regular’ tryout process, we wanted to offer a few points of clarification and reminders:

  1. Tryouts will be held for all TPSC Competitive teams. 

  2. All players must attend at least one tryout, and we encourage the kids to join us for every tryout session they are available for. 

  3. Please register for Tryouts, if you haven't done so already. Registering by the Friday before tryouts (5/7/21) will ensure that your child will be on the tryout check in list.  

  4. Tryout schedules are currently posted for U8-U18 teams (2004-2014/15 birth years).  The TPSC  2021-22 Competitive Coaching slate will be announced prior to the tryouts.

  5. Notifications regarding players selected for a team will be communicated no later than 5 days after the last tryout date.  Players will need to register within 24 hours of making a team to claim their roster spot. 


Q. What is the difference between Rec Soccer and Competitive Soccer?
Q. How much of a commitment is competitive soccer?
Q. What are the benefits of competitive soccer?
Q. Year Round?
Q. Why do some competitive divisions have two teams, some one and some none?
Q. Is there room for me?
Q. Are players ever added later?
Q. How are competitive coaches selected?


Q. What is the difference between Rec Soccer and Competitive Soccer?

Recreational Soccer

Recreational soccer is a community based program that does not require the same time or financial commitment as competitive soccer.  

- TPSC form our recreational teams on a ‘first come basis.’

- Depending on age group the team practices 1-2 times per week + a game on the weekend.

- The TPSC recreational season goes for about 10 weeks from mid/late August to late October or early November.

- Games will be played in Tiburon, Corte Madera and Mill Valley.

- TPSC recreational program is coached and run by a combination of parents and TPSC professional coaching staff.


The large majority of soccer players in the TPSC play recreational soccer. Recreational soccer is the least intense soccer experience offered by the TPSC, not involving substantial travel, and with limited exceptions, not involving tournaments except for the year-end Jamboree. Unlike the competitive programs, parents are not required to make a financial commitment for recreational soccer beyond the annual registration fees and routine costs such as for soccer gear and refreshments after games.

While recreational soccer does not require the time or financial commitment of competitive soccer, it does provide players with competition, the ability to be part of a team, and a challenge to improve soccer skills. With a lower pressure level, many have found recreational soccer to be the most enjoyable level of play. Recreational players who are in kindergarten and 1st grade play other teams within the TPSC. 2nd grade teams play against teams in TPSC and Corte Madera.  And, 3rd - 6th grade teams play with TPSC, Corte Madera and Mill Valley Soccer club.

(Rec) Marin Interleague Soccer Alliance - MISA
Older players who are 7th grade through 12th grade participate in the Interleague Division and play other teams in the Marin Interleague Soccer Alliance. Each Interleague team has a professional coach for both of their twice-a-week training sessions.  Volunteer coaches are needed for the weekend games. Interleague is a challenging and fun option for players who are not playing in the Competitive program. Signups for Interleague are held at the same time as the Recreational signups and are first-come, first serve.  For more information about MISA, visit their website:

Competitive Programs in Tiburon

TPSC competitive teams participate in the Norcal Fall Soccer League that goes from mid August to late November or mid December depending on age group. 

TPSC Competitive Season Schedule

May - Tryouts

May - Spring practices (around 6 practices) post tryout leading up to the end of the school year

August 9th - Mandatory one week team camp for all teams 2013 and older (2014 team camp is help August 16th)

Aug. - Nov/Dec. - Each team will train TWO times per week with their TPSC professional coach

Sept. through Nov/Dec - Participation in the Norcal Fall Soccer League which consists of 8-10 games. Half home and half away. We play in Region 5 which includes Marin, Sonoma and Napa County

Aug.-Nov. - Teams will participate in 2-3 tournaments depending on age group

Team camp, all practices and games are covered by a TPSC professional coach assigned to each team

All competitive programs provide an exciting experience for those players who show the talent and commitment to go beyond recreational soccer. Each team has a professional coach hired by the club and we are proud to say that we have one of the strongest coaching staffs in the area!

Q. How much of a commitment is competitive soccer?
For both the parents and players, the commitment is not to be taken lightly. Participation in regular practice is mandatory. Coaches expect players to be on time and focused. Parents are called upon to pay for uniforms, tournaments, and traveling expenses for themselves and their coach (for tournaments). Parents are also enlisted as volunteers for team management, home tournament hosting duties, etc. Families are asked to schedule summer vacations early and to be in town and available for tournaments and all league games between August and early December unless the team enters a postseason cup with a later ending date. (Please note, competitive players are required to be available for training and games beginning with our TPSC Competitive Camp in mid August. Absence may result in a loss of playing time.) 

Q. What are the benefits of competitive soccer?

  • Professional coaching at weekday practices, weekend games and tournaments

  • Training environment with other players of similar ability, skill, and commitment -- ideal for player development

  • Participation in NorCal Premier League with games against other competitive club teams in Marin, Napa and Sonoma

  • Two to four weekend tournaments played in greater Bay Area

  • Emphasis on developing life skills, soccer skills and training habits that will enable players to bond with teammates, to acquire a sense of mastery and competence (with a focus on long-term rather than short-term development), and to compete successfully in inter-club competitions

Q. Year Round?
Our competitive teams begin light training after tryouts and through the spring, averaging once per week at a schedule determined by field, coach and player availability. TPSC also offers clinics and/or activities for both field players and goalkeepers during the season and off-season and all competitive players are welcome and encouraged to attend. These clinics may focus on specific skills and/or offer the opportunity to get lots of touches in a competitive and FUN situation.

Q. Why do some competitive divisions have two teams, some one and some none?

The Competitive Committee, under direction and approval of the Board, attempts each year to maximize the number of children enjoying the opportunity of playing competitive soccer while attempting to ensure that they are playing at a suitable level that will help their development as players and foster their love of the game.

In a given age group, if there are enough competitive level players to field two teams, two teams will be formed in accordance with our parent organizations’ rules.  If not, one team will be formed and the other players encouraged to play recreational level and to try-out again next year.

Occasionally, there will not be enough players in a given age group to field even one team that will be competitive with other teams. In those circumstances, players are advised to tryout in other appropriate playing leagues.

Q. Is there room for me?
While it’s typical for the nucleus of players in each age group to try out each year, all teams are officially re-selected from scratch each season. However, as the teams get older and move to larger sided games, there are always openings due to player movement and increased roster size.

Q. Are players ever added later?
On rare occasions, a spot may open up on a competitive team after tryouts. This may be due to a player moving, being injured, or through similar circumstances. At these times, at the discretion of the Club, a player who formerly tried out, or had subsequently come to the attention of the Club (for instance, a previously unrecognized recreational player) may be asked to practice with and/or join the team. There are also instances where a competitive-level player moves to the community after tryouts and a roster spot is made available to enable that player to participate at the appropriate level of competition. All such additions are made only with the approval of the Club's DOC.

Q. How are competitive coaches selected?
Coaches submit applications to the Competitive Committee of the Tiburon Peninsula Soccer Board. Regardless of previous experience, all applicants are reviewed, and evaluations from previous seasons and/or recommendations carefully considered. Coaches must be approved and hired by the club in order to coach in the TPSC. Final decisions on teams fielded each year and coaches recommended for those teams are determined by the Director of Coaching and Competitive Committee after consideration of the number and quality of the players in each age/gender grouping at tryouts.


Q. How much is it to play on a competitive team?

The cost to play on a comp team is approximately $1200 - $1950 depending on the schedule for the team. A limited amount of need based financial aid is available. Email for an application prior to tryouts.