Player Clinics
TPSC Sharks Player Clinics
Developing a Creative Player:

For a team to be successful each player must dominate any 1v1 situation. Players across the world develop skills to beat an opponent in the street. Street soccer has unfortunately been lost and young players today spend less time practicing individual skills which help them form creativity.

In the Developing the Creative Player clinics, we focus on the development of individual technique in particular skills to beat an opponent in a variety of 1v1 situations. Within the game at whatever age and ability level, the 1v1 situation is central to a players development and individual technique forms the foundation for tactical play.

The clinics will cover:
Week 1:1v1 Facing an Opponent
Week 2: 1v1 Side by Side Situations
Week 3: 1v1 Back to Goal Situations  
The aim is to provide each player with some moves that they can perfect in their own time, as we need to encourage our players to have a toolbox of moves and turns for them to develop an armory to deal with most 1v1 situations.



Goal Keeping:

The TPSC holds goalkeeper clinics throughout the year for both Competitive and House Players.

These clinics are for all levels of players interested in learning the skills of goalkeeping, whether or not the player wants to focus just on playing this position.

The TPSC is fortunate to have as instructors both men and women who have been keepers and trainers at the highest levels of the game.

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U-6 Mini-Kickers:

Tiburon Sharks SC Mini Kickers program  has been developed for children of 4-5 years, focusing on a range of activities that are both fun and developmental.

All research suggests that enjoyable and rewarding experiences in sport at a young age help in developing lasting, high self esteem and promotes a positive attitude to physical activity and health.

The Mini Kickers program provides a curriculum framework of activities for children of 4-5 years focusing on -

  • Basic motor skills
  • Emotional, personal and social development
  • Cognitive development
Player Development Academy:

Our Player Development Academy is focused on the 9 through 12 age range, the "Golden Age of Learning" in sports. Staffed by our professional coaches, this Academy program is a skills development program as opposed to Academy programs in other clubs which primarily act as funnels into the competitive ranks.

Conducted in the spring and fall, it provides an additional day of training for motivated competitive and house players to work on the fundamental skills of the game. Enthusiasm, attitude, and focus are the primary qualifications for participation.