TPSC Player Development Academy
For Recreational and Competitive Players, U-9 through U-13
Research reflected in Long-Term Player Development indicates that age 9 through 12 is the "Golden Age of Learning" in sports.

Our Player Development Academy is focused on this age range. Staffed by our professional coaches, this Academy program is a skills development program as opposed to Academy programs in other clubs which primarily act as funnels into the competitive ranks.

Conducted in the fall and spring, it provides an additional day of training for motivated competitive and house players to work on the fundamental skills of the game. Enthusiasm, attitude, and focus will be the primary qualifications for participation.

Here’s how the Academy program fits into the TPSC program:
Player Pathway

Wear a white t-shirt, black shorts and socks, shin guards and cleats, bring a ball and water bottle.

  • Tiburon’s Player Development Academy
  • For those players eight years of age and older (U-9 through U-13).
  • Not a competitive program, but a player development program.
  • Participation is based on motivation and attitude, not ability.
  • The spring program is open to Competitive players. And there is a separate Academy for older players. The fall is open to both House (Rec) and Competitive players who want more practice time and development.
  • In addition to the field player academy, the TPSC hold Goalkeeper academies throughout the fall and spring.