Game Schedules 2017

2017 Rec Season Schedules

Kindergarten and 1st grade coed and girls - coming soon

2nd grade boys - coming soon

2nd grade girls - coming soon

2nd grade boys and girls field location map - click here

3rd grade boys - click here

3rd grade girls - click here

K-3rd grade plays through the end of October


4th grade boys - click here

4th grade girls - click here

5th grade boys - click here

5th grade girls - click here

6th grade boys - click here

6th grade girls - click here

4th - 6th grades play in a Jamboree at the end of October after League Play is over.

Playing League Rules coming soon...


Marin Interleague Soccer Alliance League Schedules

7th/8th boys - coming soon

7th/8th girls black - coming soon

7th/8th girls gray - coming soon

9th/10th boys - click here

Marin Interleague Soccer Alliance Playoff are  Schedules (Oct 21/22 for 9th/10th grades only, Oct 28/29 and Nov 5/6 for 7th/8th grades - save the dates)