FAQ for Parents


How are teams formed?

We don’t hand pick teams, but rather utilize a process that strives for fair and balanced teams.  The first step in forming the teams is to find practice times that accommodate both coaches schedules.  We try very hard to have more than one team per grade practice at the same location for carpooling purposes and to allow for scrimmaging.   Once the coaches practice times are confirmed we use information provided by the parents to identify each child's availability and conflicts.  We identify children that play other fall sports.  We diligently try to accommodate all known conflicts before forming teams.  That is why we ask for your known conflicts at registration.  We use trainer ratings for players that give us a quantitative measure of overall skill so that skill levels are evenly distributed across each age group.  Once this information is gathered, we put all players in each age group into a blind draft.  Each player is autonomously assigned a number and is rostered to a team.  We achieve balance by evenly distributing players based on their skill and availability, without identifying any individual player.   Personal requests are not factored into the rostering process.


Why can’t I request a buddy to be on my team?

We don’t take buddy requests because it frequently results in many conflicting requests that simply cannot be accommodated.  Only Coaches and Assistant Coaches' children are guaranteed to be placed together. 


Can I request a specific coach for my player?

Once we have our volunteer coaches committed and their practice time availability confirmed, we start team formation.  There are many conflicts with player schedules that simply do not allow us to match players with specifically requested coaches.  We respect the coaches’ schedules primarily, since they need to be able to make their practice times.  Our process is directed at avoiding schedule conflicts rather than trying to match a particular player with a particular coach.  For this reason, we don’t honor specific coach requests.


Why can’t I play with the same team I had last year?

Because the teams are formed by a blind draft, former years’ teams simply don’t come together.  By creating new teams each year, new friendships are fostered and new playing dynamics result, thereby increasing player development. 


Can I practice with a team that is different than the team on which I am rostered?

No.  We try hard to achieve fair and balanced teams and to maintain roster sizes that are best for building skills and allowing optimal ball touches and coaching attention.  When a player practices with a different team, these balances are upset.  Additionally, sportsmanship and fairness dictate that a player should be committed to their team and their teammates.


Can I change teams?

Our process is designed to accommodate schedule conflicts and ensure balanced teams.  Changing teams impacts a lot of other players, coaches and administrators.  Therefore, changing teams is not allowed.


How are coaches selected?

Coaches are parent volunteers who agree to support TPSC rules and practices, must pass a background check and attend pre-season coach training each season.  We recognize only 2 coaches per team.


What if I have another activity that conflicts with my assigned practice time?

When you registered, you were prompted to share schedule conflicts.  Based on this info, we made efforts to accommodate schedules.  Once your soccer schedule is in hand, you may have to balance your schedule with conflicting activities, but we are not able to move players around for conflicts that were not disclosed.  Doing so impacts many other players and coaches.


Where do I get a jersey?

Jerseys will be available for sale from TPSC at Granada School, 50 El Camino Dr,, Corte Madera in the back parking lot. Please bring a check or cash.

Monday August 22, 3:15-4:15

Wednesday, September 7, 3:00-6:00

Saturday, September 10, 7:00-10:00

Soccer shorts, socks and other gear can be purchased at any sporting goods outlet.  Shorts and socks should be black (any brand) and shinguards are mandatory.  Baseball cleats are not allowed.  Your child will also need to bring their own soccer ball to EVERY practice.  K-2nd uses size 3, 3rd-6th uses size 4, 7th-12th uses size 5.


When is the game schedule going to be posted?

The season’s game schedule will be posted on the TPSC website as we receive them from the leagues that we play in.  Typically this will be by late August but there have been times when we don’t receive them until September.  You will also receive an email from the Club or your coach with the game schedule when it is posted.


Tiburon Peninsula Soccer Club