Coaching Videos

The TPSC provides all volunteer coaches with a weekly curriculum by email. This will let you know what to work on each week at your practice and will provide instructions, diagrams, coaching tips and sometimes videos to keep you on track all season long.

If you want to do some research on your own or find a drill for a particuluar skill, we have provided links to some videos that we endorse.


Fun Flick Ups

How to Kick a Soccer Ball

US Youth Soccer Coaching Videos


Coerver Coaching Videos - these are fantastic! They are not all available online, but our competitive coaches and rec trainers use them and some have received Coerver certification. They are not cheap, but provide a library of skill-based instructional videos that you can use for years.

Overview of Coerver Coaching

Change of Direction 1
hange of Direction 2
Change of Direction 3

Scissors, Stepover and more fakes and feints