Referee Fees & License Renewal

Renew Your License

Unless you have a Referee Badge that is current for this year, you will need to go online and pay for the renewal of your license.  To do so, you will need the # on your referee license card.  Go to and use your ref # as your login. The password is either your last name or your date of birth.

Your referee license needs to be current in order for you to be insured as a referee.


Referee Fees

Age/Grade Level 3-Person (Center + 2 AR's)
Rec: 4th grade (@ Strawberry) $30 / $15 (1st year refs have priority)
Rec: 5th/6th grade $30 / $15
Rec: 7th/8th grade $45 / $25
Rec: 9th/10th grade $50 / $30
Competitive: U9-U10 $35 / $20
Competitive U11-U12 $40 / $20
Competitive: U13 $45 / $25
Competitive: U14-U16 $50 / $30

Please note:

* We use volunteer parent or coach referees for k through 3rd grade rec.
* Competitive Division games require 1 referee for u9-u10 and 3 referees for u11-u16. Never use a two man system.  If an assigned official does not show up, ask a club linesman to be a linesman.
* Note that these rates are for our league games only. Fall Kickoff tournament rates are different.

* Remember to arrive at least 20 minutes prior to game time to begin player check-in procedures.  Games need to run on time so if please start the check in process when you arrive. 

* All referees should wear the official yellow and black striped shirt with your certification patch attached, black shorts and black socks (pulled up).  You should bring a set of side-line flags and have a wrist watch with a timer, whistle, coin, red and yellow cards a pen and paper.  Your competitive home teams will supply you with a game card.  Not all rec teams will have game cards available.

*  Report all serious incidents, RED cards and also any "no shows" immediately. Please email or call and/or email the referee coordinator asap!