To Our Players: Welcome to the Tiburon Peninsula Soccer Club. As a soccer player, you are playing the number one sport in the world, the only sport played in almost every country on our planet. In our club, everyone—players, coaches, referees and parents—has a responsibility to make our games fun for you, your teammates, your coaches and your opponents.




Play by the rules
Treat your opponents and teammates as you would like to be treated.
Play for the “fun of it” and not just to please your parents or coach.
Never argue with a referee. If you disagree with a ruling, talk to your coach when you are off the field.
Control your temper. Verbal abuse of officials or other players, deliberately distracting or provoking an opponent is not acceptable or permitted in soccer or any sport.
Use NO foul or inappropriate language at any time.
Be on time to all practices and games and let the coach know if you have a scheduling conflict.
Work equally hard for yourself and/or your team. Your team’s performance will benefit and so will you.
Be a good sport and appreciate all good plays whether by your team or your opponent.
Try to win without boasting, lose without excuses and never quit.
Know that how you play is more important than winning or losing.
Exemplify good sportsmanship.
Always encourage your child to play by the rules.
Make athletic participation a positive experience for your child, his/her teammates, and their opponents.
Never ridicule or shout at your child or others for making a mistake or losing a competition.
Applaud good plays by your team and members of the opposing team. 
Watch and enjoy the game. Let the players play, the coaches coach, and the referees officiate.
 Learn the Laws of the Game and rules of the TPSC and CYSA District V (available through links on the TPSC website www.tiburonsoccer.org).
Never openly question the referee’s judgment or the honesty of that judgment. Recognize that referees are a symbol of fair play, integrity, and sportsmanship. Know that they are your neighbors and/or your neighbors’ children and that they are doing their very best to support your children.
Recognize the value and importance of coaches. They give up their time and efforts to help your child. Give them your respect for their judgment and strategy.
Use NO profanity or abusive language.
Support an alcohol, drug and smoke-free environment.
Accept the results of each game. Encourage your child to be gracious in victory and turn defeat to victory by working towards improvement.
We will place children’s physical and emotional well-being ahead of any personal desire to win.
We will nurture good sportsmanship and fair play and teach the players the value of winning and losing.
As members of the Positive Coaching Alliance, we will act as “Positive Coaches.”
We will set reasonable expectations for each player and for the season.
We will do our best to teach the fundamentals of the game.
We will never ridicule or shout at your child for making a mistake or losing a competition.
We will instruct players and parents in the Laws of the Game and motivate all to act within them.
We will ensure that we ourselves and the parents and players from our team treat opposing players, their fans and the game officials with respect.
You will have our personal commitment to keep ourselves informed on sound coaching principles and the principles of children’s growth and development.

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