TPSC Website Sponsorships


The TPSC Website Sponsorship Program allows your company a year’s worth of prominent advertising in our unique southern Marin market as well as directly funding soccer scholarships for children in our community. As a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, all contributions to the TPSC are tax deductible (Consult with your tax advisor).

The TPSC thanks (your company) for its support of youth soccer in our community!

The Tiburon Peninsula Soccer Club website serves the 600 players and families in Tiburon, Belvedere, and Strawberry. In addition, the club draws players from our “sister club” in Mill Valley and other communities in southern Marin; the website—in particular the many coaching-oriented pages—draws visitors from around the world. The site has reported well over 50,000 page views during each of the past two years. 

The TPSC Website Sponsorship Program directly funds the TPSC Scholarship Program. The balance of all sponsorship income above the club’s scholarship needs in a given year is used for player, coach and referee development and field maintenance.

Page sponsorships by individuals and families are also welcome and are fully tax deductible. 


  1. Page sponsorship term: One year
  2. Placement
    1. At the upper right of each sponsored page.
    2. A second link will be on the Sponsors’ page
    3. A flyer listing all of our sponsors will be part of the registration package for all 700 TPSC players/families.
  3. For most-viewed pages, there are two tiers of sponsor ads:
    1. ~250 x ~150 pixel box (about 3” x 2”)
    2. ~250 x ~50 pixel box (about 3” x .75”)
  4. For other pages, prices are as noted for 250 x 50 pixel boxes.
  5. Buy two, get a third placement free.
  6. The graphic and/or the entire box can be hyperlinked to your company website or to an email link.
  7. Two changes per year in addition to original posting.
  8. Text below each placement: “The TPSC thanks your company name for their support of soccer in our community”
  9. Statistics so that you can measure views of your ad: The number of Page Views will be provided to you:
    1. Annual count
    2. In-season count

Please join us in supporting the world’s most played sport for the children of our community. Keep the ball rolling!

For more information, please email tpslwebmaster@tiburonsoccer.org

The TPSC Board