Tiburon Futsal Changes

TPSC Families,

First of all, I am thrilled to say that Frank Bonardi has agreed to join our board and run our futsal (indoor soccer) program. Frank has run Marin Futsal for 18 years and we are lucky to have him.
A brief history of Tiburon Futsal:
  • Until a couple years ago, futsal teams in Tiburon were formed by parent coaches and not through the club. This left many kids in our rec program without a chance to play futsal if they didn’t happen to be invited to join a team
  • About 3 years ago, we started promoting futsal through the TPSC and creating balanced teams
  • Unfortunately, teams from other towns were formed by parents who often recruited high caliber players and our rec teams were often beat up on to the point of some kids getting turned off from futsal/soccer - no bueno
Enter Frank Bonardi.
Franks idea for Tiburon rec futsal is to run 60 or 90 minute sessions (on weekends) by gender/age group and not enter our rec players in the Marin futsal league. The sessions would:
  • Be run by one of our rec trainers, not a volunteer coach
  • Spend the first part of the session warming up and learning the game of futsal
  • Spend the majority of the session playing games - if teams are uneven, pinnies can be quickly changed to gain balance
So - lots of upside with this new format. Everyone in the club will get invited to play, all players will play locally with pals, all players will get futsal instruction from our rec trainers who really know the game, there is still no pressure to make it every weekend and we will not be serving up our rec players to get smoked by competitve teams.
If a group has been playing together and wants to enter the regular league - they can! 
If you are not yet familiar with this exciting sport, here is a quick video that explains the basics. This game is so much fun and so good for kids soccer skills we really want to get as many kids playing as possible. 
To learn more about our futsal program and to register - Click Here
If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to email us at futsal@tiburonsoccer.org
Viva El Futsal!
John Bell | VP of Rec Soccer
Tiburon Peninsula Soccer Club


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