McKegney Green - Your Donation is Needed
Dear TPSC Friends and Families,
Our website is live and we are kicking off our fundraising campaign for the McKegney Green improvement project.   We hope you will consider donating at a level meaningful to you. 
Here are the facts:                             
  • This project will cost $1.8 million
  • The Town of Tiburon is contributing $1.4 million                            
  • $400,000 is needed from private donors                         
  • The project will fund a new sand layer, new grass and new irrigation
  • There is a detailed long term maintenance plan in place. The Town of Tiburon has agreed to invest $45,000 annually to keep the field in good condition. 
McKegney Green has not been updated in 40 years. Currently, TPSC is not scheduling any soccer games at McKegney and we are only using the field for practices due to its poor condition. We now have a unique opportunity to transform McKegney into a beautiful, functional, level sports field for both local soccer and lacrosse teams. McKegney will finally be on par with our neighboring club teams if we reach our fundraising goal. This project enriches our community and leaves a legacy for players to come. 
Please do not hesitate to reach out to us should you have any questions or wish to discuss further.  A link to our website which has more details about the project and the donation page is below:    
Tiburon Fields Committee Chairs
Kim Stibich & Stacy Achuck
Administrator: Brei Tobin
Committee Members: Mattias Kodzoman, Monica Coleman