Game Assignment

Request / Confirm Referee Assigning Procedures

Game Assignment Procedure

Sign Up for Games (Online)

Licensed Grade 8 or Grade 9 referees may request to be assigned to officiate games for the TPSC recreational and competitive leagues.  Games will be asssigned through our referee assignor site.

  • First make sure that your referee license is current.  Your badge should say 2021.  If you are not current, make sure you renew your license every year at and choose Grade 8 or Grade 9 Referee Renewal button.

For Referees New to

  • Go to
  • Click on “NEW OFFICIAL?” in the left side menu bar
  • Enter the Group Number 1129 and the Access Code 1129 and click CONTINUE
  • Complete the new user sign-up form.  Make sure you enter the following in MY INFO:  your mailing address, your social security number, your email address, your cell phone number, your USSF ID numbers (from your Referee Registration).  You will NOT be paid unless your profile information is complete.
  • You may create your own username and password when you are done.

For Referees Who Have a Account Already

  • Log in to
  • Click on MY ASSIGNORS
  • Click on JOIN NEW GROUP
  • Enter the Group Number 1129 and
    Access Code 1129 and click CONTINUE

For All Referees

  • This is your job.  You took the course.  YOU passed the test.  Take responsibility for your personal and professional schedule and remember that it is your responsibility to show up for work. Make sure you check your assignments frequently.  Write to me when you have questions or issues.  Parental oversight is also welcome and even necessary at times.
  • Make sure your MY INFO page is all filled in
  • Add in your availability for the weekends, and/or, request games for games that you can work.
  • If you are requesting games, REMEMBER that you should only request games that you are qualified for in terms of age and experience!!  If you have never been a center referee, please email me and we can send a referee mentor to support you on your first center ref assignment.  If you are a first year referee, please look to sign up for recreational games needing an AR to start.

Getting Assignments to Officiate TPSC games:

Once you have registered with, log into your account and choose make sure your “IDENTITY” has Tiburon Peninsula Soccer Club chosen.

Referee Courses

TPSC holds at least one entry-level course each year. You can check the website for information on local courses.  You will need to renew your license each year and pay a renewal fee.  You can only do this via the site.

There are many other local referee courses in the area each spring and summer. If our own dates don’t work out for you, you can often sign up for courses with our sister leagues in Mill Valley, Central Marin, Dixie (San Rafael) or others.  All approved courses are listed on the CNRA website!  Just look for Entry Level, Grade 8 Referee Courses in the West Region.

My Availability

  • Set your availability, either by month, day or hours within a specific date.
  • You must be "Available" in order to see potential game assignments on that day or time.
  • Take care to be accurate.  If you say you are available ALL DAY, but have your own soccer game at 10:00am, you may be placed in an assignment that you cannot fulfill.  This is your responsibility to manage, not TPSC's.

Self-Assigning Games

Once you have set your availability, you can "Self-Assign" yourself to games.  Self-Assigning really means that you are REQUESTING
a game.  It does not mean you are actually assigned to work that game yet.

  • View future games by day, week or month.
  • If a game still needs a referee, it will appear GREEN in the right column under "Officials."
  • Click on "Request Game."
  • You may request up to 4 games on a given day.
  • You are not assigned to work that game until you receive confirmation from the TPSC Referee Assignor.


Confirming Games

  • Once you've requested a game(s), the Assignor will decide if it is an appropriate game for your experience level and age.  But, please do not request games that you are not qualified for.
  • If you are assigned to a game, you will receive a notification about the assignment.
  • Upon logging back in, you will see a message box in the top, right corner showing you have "Unaccepted Games."  Click on this text.
  • You can see the games that are being offered.  Click ACCEPT and then SAVE.
  • If you DECLINE a game, you need to explain why.  Repeatedly declining games may result in fewer offers of future games.
  • If you fail to ACCEPT a game within 48 hours of being offered the assignment, the Assignor may remove you from that game.  The program automatically removes you after a period of no response so please accept or decline in a timely manner.
  • Once you have ACCEPTED a game, you will receive a confirming notification and a reminder a few days before the game.


You can set your own preferences about how to receive notifications, changes and reminders about your assignments.

  • Under "Personal Information" you can set communication preferences.
  • Specify if you prefer to receive emails or texts about your game assignments.
  • Save your preferences.


To receive payment, you must enter your Social Security number under "Personal Information."