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Board Meetings are generally the 2nd Monday of the month. Meetings are open to all club members. However, do check the "Upcoming Calendar" on the home page in case of the occasional reschedule/relocation due to school or club events. (There are typically no meetings in June and July.)

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The TPSC is a 501(c)3 charitable organization, Our tax ID is available through our Controller.


Board's Letter

Dear TPSC Community,


Franklin Foer in his book, How Soccer Explains the World: An Unlikely Theory of Globalization, provides detailed, arcane, controversial insights into the special role and influence of soccer around the world.  In contrast, the participation this summer (and success) of the US men’s and women’s teams on the world stage provided us with rich visual imagery to convey the passion and possibilities soccer inspires around the world.  As the world’s most popular sport, people are passionate about their soccer, especially when their children are participants.

We typically have over 650 kids playing soccer in Tiburon.  The program is healthy and thriving.  Our volunteer board and coaches have and will put in countless hours to make it another great season for the children. We have an outstanding cadre of professional coaches who work with players of all ages and abilities to develop fundamental soccer skills - and a passion for their sport.

In addition, we have a longitudinal training curriculum for players in each age group. With the same research and philosophical underpinnings, we have continued to structure our Club so that the youngest players participate in smaller-sided games to increase their opportunity to touch the ball, be in the thick of the action, and maximize their enjoyment of the game. Our theme is "More Touches More Often."

[An article published by US Soccer in April 2010 and references the US program’s emphasis on providing better training for all players rather than trying to "identify the best 10 year olds and put them" into elite programs.]


To provide the young players with an opportunity to touch the ball more often, this winter we continued our futsal program in association with Marin Futsal. We will also offer a substantial spring program that will include skill work and small sided games for any child in the community regardless of perceived skill level.

Competitive tryouts take place in mid May. Given the small size of our community and the related smaller number of children who currently possess the skills to play at the competitive level, we work with neighboring clubs to form competitive teams for ages u13+  This is through our United program.

Our Winter Academy, Spring Academy, and various summer camps and clinics are providing additional professional training for all motivated competitive and recreational players.

We hold 1-2 referee courses each year and regularly add new USSF licensed officials to our ranks. Our referees – young and old, new and experienced – have all had meaningful training, manage each game to the best of their abilities, and are the ultimate arbiter on the field.

On the last weekend of August, we host our annual Fall Kickoff tournament. competitive teams from throughout northern California will compete on our beautiful field-by-the-bay, McKegney Green.  Our young Tiburon Sharks teams, u9-u10, participate in this event - come and watch. Come and cheer!

Our 5th-12th grade Rec teams play in the Marin Interleague Soccer Alliance.  A well run, 8 club, Marin County group of representatives serving the oldest youth recreational soccer players.

Youth soccer is about and for the kids.  A key measure of our success is that the kids have a rewarding enough experience that they can’t wait to play again next season.  Teammates, coaches, trainers, and parents play a vital role in shaping the quality of each child’s experience.  Kids enjoy the camaraderie of their teammates, encouragement from their coaches and trainers, and celebration of their effort, regardless of the game result, from their parents.  We strive to create a positive developmental environment for the players.  If you’re a parent, please help us by providing a positive attitude and actions toward the game, teammates, opponents, coaches, and referees at all times.

Please provide feedback.  Get involved.  Become a team parent, coach, referee, and/or board member.  If you are interested in helping to positively impact kids’ development through participation in soccer, then volunteer at any level (or advertise on our website and reach over 500 local families!).

Learn more about all aspects of the game on our award winning website,, which has everything you could want to know about soccer, including schedules, rules, coaching drills and dozens of photos of our local athletes in action! There are also links to many other soccer sites, and so much more.

In addition to our home website, we have an on-line scheduling website, where certified referees can sign up on-line for their games. During the season, players, parents and fans can also find our local game schedules.

Our goal as a board is to give our children the opportunity to enjoy, develop, and thrive in the sport of soccer. To this end, the TPSC is pleased to be a partner of the Positive Coaching Alliance.

Celebrate the game for the cardiovascular health it promotes, mental and physical toughness it demands, the character it develops in victory and defeat, and the lifelong friends it creates with its unique blending of exertion, grass, mud, and fun.


TPSC Board