Fees And Refund Policy

Competitive Player Registration, Payment Schedule and Refund Policy

Players should register online withing 24 hours of rosters being posted online.  The link to register competitive players is sent to parents. The first payment will be due at the time of registration.  You will need a head shot photo of your child and a copy of his/her birth certificate or passport to upload to the registration site.

Club fees cover player and team registration, professional coaching, training, field rentals and pro-rata club expenses.

A payment plan can be set up with the club's Registrar, Lynn Scadden, but please do this prior to your online registration. registrar@tiburonsoccer.org

Financial Aid is available to qualified families. To request an application, email: financial_aid@tiburonsoccer.org

Note: Competitive division players also pay for individual uniforms and travel expenses. (Competitive teams’ parents may also optionally choose to pay for uniform accessories, team parties, trophies, etc.)

2023-2024 Competitive
Team Player Fees

Fee includes club registration and team fees.

Boys Teams

U8 Boys - 2016/17 1,362
U9 Boys - 2015 1,920
U10 Boys - 2014 1,920
U11 Boys - 2013 1,974
U12 Boys - 2012 1,974
U13 Boys - 2011 1,996
U17/U19 Boys - 2007/08 - 05/06/07 1,924

Girls Teams

U8 Girls - 2016 1,362
U9 Girls - 2015/16 1,920
U10 Girls - 2014 1,920
U11 Girls - 2013 1,974
U12 Girls - 2012 1,974
U13 Girls - 2011 1,996
U19 Girls - 2007/06 1,924


Unpaid fees

Families with unpaid fees will not be able to register players in following years until all unpaid fee balances are paid in full.

Note: Information regarding families with unpaid fees is shared with other Marin clubs.

Refund Policy

Competitive Divisions refund policy for players requesting
to drop:

Fall Teams 

  • By June 1:  A written request to drop shall be sent to the club's Executive Director via email.  TPSC retains 50% of the total club fees
  • After June 1:  No refunds

TPSC Executive Director: Kim Stibich kim@tiburonsoccer.org

TPSC Club Registrar:  Lynn Scadden lynnscadden01@comcast.net

TPSC Director of Development and Coaching:  Mattias Kodzoman doc@tiburonsoccer.org