Referees Overview

Join the fun - become a Licenced Referee


Why be a Referee?

No soccer game sanctioned by California Youth Soccer League or US Club can be played without a referee licensed by the United States Soccer Federation.  TPSC trains and helps anyone interested to become a licensed referee. Also we need qualified referees to insure player safety and to promote play in accordance with the Laws of the Game.

For adults, refereeing provides an opportunity to:

  • Promote player safety.
  • Contribute to the community and children’s teams.
  • Lend maturity to the competitive (and often emotional) environment in which games are played.
  • Be a role model.
  • Learn a new skill and the Laws of the Game

For younger people (under 18), refereeing provides an opportunity to:

  • Earn money (amount depending on age group and classification of game).
  • Develop decision making skills.
  • Develop confidence and maturity.
  • Learn the Laws of the Game.
  • An opportunity for Community Service.


Referee Courses

The next TPSC sponsored referee course is for March 19, 2023.  To register: U.S. Soccer Learning Center (

TPSC holds at least one entry-level course each year. You can check the website for information on local courses.  You will need to renew your license each year and pay a renewal fee.  You can only do this via the site.

There are many other local referee courses in the area each spring and summer. If our own dates don’t work out for you, you can often sign up for courses with our sister leagues in Mill Valley, Central Marin, Dixie (San Rafael) or others.  All approved courses are listed on the CNRA website!  Just look for Entry Level, Grade 8 Referee Courses in the West Region.

TPSC Referee Contacts

TPSC Referee Assignor:
Kevin Johnston  415-300-7556

TPSC Referee Coordinator:
Kim Stibich  415-505-2105

Contact either at: 

Special Notes:

Please read the information about Head Injury and Concussion Protocol.  Read Now



Dear Parents, Coaches, Managers
The TPSC is responsible for providing referees for all of our Competitive Division home games. Failure to do so will result in forfeiting the match. For obvious reasons, it is important that we train as many people as possible to become certified referees!