Game Rules
Fall Kick-off Tournament 2023

U9 - U10 Boys & Girls Teams   |   August 26 & 27, 2023


Game Rules

All games in the event shall be played according to the rules and regulations consistent with the same rules set by FIFA/USSF, except for those otherwise noted below. Official game time will be kept by the referees on the field. All referee decisions are final.


Unlimited substitutions during a game are allowed at the discretion of the referee: -Prior to any restart.
Build Out Line: Build out line is being used and this line also serve as the offside line

Games, Game Length, and Awards

Games are 2 x 25 minute halves with a 5 minute half time. Each team will play a minimum of 3 games.


Awards will be rewarded to top 2 teams in divisions with 4 to 6 teams. Awards will be rewarded to top 4 teams in divisions with 8 teams.

Consolation and Championship Finals

In the event of a tie after regulation, Finals will go directly to penalty kicks.

Home Team

(listed first on the schedule) Provide 3 Match Balls

Away Team

Must change Jersey in event of conflict (& socks when possible).

Both teams

Sit on one side set up by the event. ALL spectators will sit on the opposing side. Only Team/Club Staff & Players with passes will be allowed in the team areas.

Scoring System

Based on the 10 Point Scoring System 6 Points - Win 3 Point - Draw 0 Points - Loss 1 Point for each goal up to 3 1 Point for Shutout 0-0 Ties will be 4 Points per team (3 pts for tie, 1 pt for shut out) Maximum amount of points per game is 10

Mercy Rule

We have a rule that asks all the teams to not win by a larger margin than 6 goals. We hope that all the coaches and players can commit to this 'spirit' rule. Please keep in mind that winning 4-0 is the same as 6-0 in terms of maximum points.
Team A-Team B: 6-0 (10 points for Team A) Team A-Team B: 4-0 (10 points for Team A)
Tie Breakers In the event of a tie of total points between 2 teams, at the end of the event
1.Head to Head 2.Goal Differential (up to 4 per game)
3.Goals Against
4.Goals For 5.Most Shutouts 6.Penalty Shootout

Bracket Format

Four (4) Team Groups: Round robin play for the 4 teams. The 2 teams with most points will play each other in the championship game. 

Five (5) Team Groups: Four Total Games for each team, Champions will be determined by Total Points 

Six (6) Team Groups (Crossover): Two Brackets of 3 teams. The 2 teams with most points will play each other in the championship game. 

Cautions and Ejections

A player receiving two (2) yellow cards in one game is considered to have been ejected (red card). Ejected players may not be replaced in that game. Players and Staff who are ejected will additionally serve a one (1) game suspension. For flagrant or violent infractions, a longer suspension (two games) may take place. Coaches that have been ejected must leave the field; failure to do so will result in a forfeiture of the game. PLEASE NOTE, UNDER FIFA and US CLUB TOURNAMENT Sanctioning Rules, Red Cards CANNOT be appealed. All send offs are a mandatory 1 game suspension. If a player or coach is suspended beyond 1 match, that ban may be appealed. The one game suspension is mandatory and may not be appealed.


All games will be considered final. NO PROTESTS WILL BE ALLOWED. All referee decisions are Final. 

Tournament Committee

The Tournament Committee and Tournament Directors will have the power to settle any issue not provided for elsewhere in the Rules and Procedures. All Committee decisions will be final. 


All Team Staff, Players, and Spectators are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful 

manner to the teams, players, and tournament officials. Vulgar & abusive words or actions will not be tolerated. 

No Dogs allowed on the field at any time.