Week 2 Curriculum

Tiburon Peninsula Soccer Club

Week 2 Curiculum - Dribbling


Juggling: While you wait for all the players to show up for practice please encourage the players to juggle.  Try to keep them juggling the ball for about 5 minutes (or more if you feel like the players responds well to it) by giving the players different juggling challenges.

Coaching Point: Encourage the players to use their laces and lock their ankle when the ball hits their foot. Make sure the player puts their foot back on the ground after touching the ball to regain balance. Example

Challenge the players to get as many successful “juggles” within 30-60 seconds. Give them another chance to beat their number!

Exercise 1  A– Dribble inside a Square
(Skills and ball mastery)

All players with a ball in a 30 x 30 foot square
Start dribbling within the square and on coaches command
stop and do 10 seconds of:

  • Right foot cuts using inside and outside part of the foot - Example
  • Have the players try 2-3 times and challenge them to beat their previous score
  • Left foot cuts using the inside and outside part of the foot
  • Have the players try 2-3 times and challenge them to beat their previous score
  • Combination; left and right foot inside/outside cuts - Example
  • Have the players try 2-3 times and challenge them to beat their previous score

Resume dribbling for 10-20 seconds between stops. Challenge the players to go faster each time.

Dribble with the laces, outside and inside part of the foot. Avoid players using their toe when dribbling the ball.

Exercise 1 B – Tag Game

  • Use the same area
  • Select 1-2 “taggers” Have the taggers wear a colored penny. Taggers do not need a ball. All the other players needs a ball
  • The taggers have 45 sec – 1 minute to tag all the players. Once the players are tagged they need to hold their ball on top of their head and spread their legs wide. The only way the players can get “unfrozen” is when another player pass the ball through the frozen players legs
  • Once the 45 sec – 1 minutes has passed change taggers and do it again (You can do it about 3-4 times)


Exercise 2 – Game Team Knockout
(use same square)

  • Split the players into 2 teams. 1 team (Team A) inside the square with a soccer ball each and the other half (Team B) with the coach outside the square without a soccer ball
  • Players inside the square  (Team A) dribbles the ball around with close control
  • On coaches call players outside the square (Team 2) run inside the square and try to steal the ball from players inside the square (Team A)
  • The players with the ball are encourage to change direction, change speed and keep their head up to get away from the players trying to steal their ball. Encourage players to “shield” the ball by placing their body between their ball and the opposing player

Video of how to shield the ball – Example

Exercise 3 – Sharks and Minnows
(use same square)

  • All players except for 2 (coach picks first 2 sharks)  in the square with a ball (minnows)
  • On coaches command, the 2 players without a ball (Sharks) enter the square
  • Sharks try to kick minnows ball out of the square
  • Minnows work on dribbling and shielding to keep their ball from getting it knocked out
  • Once knocked out, minnows retrieve their ball and juggle on their own until the end of the game
  • Last 2 remaining minnows become the sharks for the next round

Video of this game here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rY23svxTp0Q

Exercise 4 – Dribbling Boxes

Set Up: Create a square 12 by 12 yards.  Put 2 cones in each corner to create a “gate.” Split up the players by each gate. 2-4 players by each gate.  Put one cone in the middle of the square and place a ball on top of the cone (target/goal)

Rules: 1st player at each gate dribble with speed in the same direction. Each player has to dribble through each gate (total of 4). When returning to their “home” gate they need to dribble through it and thereafter they try to kick the ball off the cone using their own ball. Team hitting the ball down wins the point.

  • Go each direction
  •  Add a move/fame/feint between each gate

Exercise 5 – 1 v 1 Dribbling with goalies

Set up a field 20-25 yards long and 15-20 yards wide

Split team into 2 groups. Make 1 player a goalie. Player alternate groups and change goalie.

Example of this game


Exercise 6 – 1 v 1 Flying Changes
and 2 v 2 Flying changes

  • Create 1 or 2 fields depending on your numbers. No more than 2-3 players in each line
  • Each field should be approximately 12 by 15 feet
  • Put goals on each end line and split your players into groups of 2-3
  • Establish what 2 lines (end and and sideline) each team belongs to
  • One player starts with the ball and attacks the goal on the opposite side. The other player comes out to defend and try to win the ball. Each player tries to score.
  • Player goes off the field when the ball goes over one of the 2 lines he/she belongs to
  • Player next in line should be ready to come out and play


Finish practice with small sided scrimmages

Split up the players into teams of 4-6 depending on your numbers or play a round robin if you have 15 players and have one team sit out 3 minutes before playing 6 minutes

Remember – all exercises can be tweaked or modified for your team.